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Re: Printers

Mike Chambers wrote:
On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 10:24 -0500, Michael Comperchio wrote:
What would be the best choice in inexpensive printers for use with Fedora? I'm relatively new to F10, though I've used Linux before. I'm hoping to never have to boot to the windoze side again. But printing and the inability to sync up with my Palm Lifedrive are the major holdups for that. I can probably live without the Livedrive...but I do need to print

HP printers seem to be very well supported.  Also I think Brothers
printers are as well.  I don't know about Lexmark, but they may be
supported good now, or at least better than before.

Just a thanks to all who responded. WalMart - HP F4240 - 69.97 US ! The printer cartridges are 30 US. I almost got an HP 1520, that printer would have been cheaper than the ink cartridges it took.... simply replace the printer when it was out of ink! The 4240 print quality is good enough for my half blind eyes. And it installed PnP! I was very pleased.

Now, can anyone recommend a PDA that will sync up painlessly? I have had zero success with my lifedrive. Either Kontact or Evolution, at this point I don't care. That's the only thing I reboot to windows for at this point.

Thanks again for everyone's input.


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