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Re: KPilot (was Re: Printers)

On Thu, 2009-01-22 at 20:54 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 22 January 2009 20:39:58 Michael Comperchio wrote:
> >
> > Anne,  I know what happens when we assume, but can I assume from your
> > email address you might have a better idea that the rest of us what's
> > coming?
> >
> I hear some things earlier, perhaps, and I know quite a lot of people that I 
> can ask, when necessary.  On this particular subject, I forwarded a message to 
> the list on Monday, but looking back, I'm not sure it arrived.  It's title was 
> "KDE 4.2 KPilot coming! (how to both be excited and have realistic 
> expectations)".  Because it's important to quite a lot of people, I'll quote 
> it in full - but be warned, it's long :-)
> <quote>
> I just wanted to get a note out to as wide a distribution list as possible
> to spread some important news about the upcoming KDE 4.2 release and
> KPilot's (exciting!!) part in it. If you don't care about KDE PIM, data
> syncing, Palm devices, or KPilot, you may stop reading now and I won't be
> offended. =;P
I have a Palm phone and I love the fact that through 3 successive Palm
phones, I just plug in the new phone and my data automatically syncs to
new device.

That said...it's also 3 telephones old technology. That's severely
ancient in dog years.

Apparently the new 'Palm Pre' uses Linux and not a regular Palm OS so
the notion about getting excited about KDE finally getting a decent sync
with Palm OS doesn't excite me, especially when I've been doing it all
along with Evolution.


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