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Issues with Kontact/Kmail distribution list

Hi all;

I'm running Fedora 10 & KDE

I go into the address book and create a distribution list, save it as say 

This works fine, I can go back and look at it and I see the email addresses 
I've added to it. While I have the distribution list editor open (in the 
address book) I can click on the link of the distribution list name and an 
email compose window pops up with all the email addresses in the to field just 
as I expect.


If I click (in the mail window) on 'new message' and type in the name of the 
new dist list in the to field the name is entered simply as 'test_dist' which 
should be fine but when I send the mail it attempts to send to 
"test_dist myhostname" in my case it tries to go to:
test_dist Issac consistentstate com  (this is my local laptop hostname) and of 
course it fails to send (rather I get a permanent failure email back)

Thoughts ?

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