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Re: Nagios can't connect to Pulseaudio via Festival

Thank you for your reply Kevin.

> TheCajun wrote:
> > 1) Logged in as a normal user, xmms player works.
> > 2) Logged in as a normal user I can send text to festival with correct
> > speech.
> > 3) As root, cron job works (I have the time being said via festival).
> > 4) As root, via commandline, I get this error;
> > Connection failure: Connection refused
> That's because PulseAudio runs per user session, so stuff running outside of
> the user session can't access it.
> The only way to get that to work is to configure PulseAudio as a systemwide
> daemon (which is not the default configuration).

I tried to run it as daemon by editing the system.pa.  Can't remember
how I started it, but it did not work that way either.  Is there more
details available on how to run in daemon mode?  I did visit
pulseaudio.org but did not find anything enlightening
>         Kevin Kofler
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