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network traffic analyzer

I'm looking for a web based (graphs) solution for (real-time) network traffic on a Linux (Fedora) router. I currently use iptraf to catch bandwidth usage and type of usage, but I'd love a more accessible interface.

RRTG, PRTG are not feasible solutions. They are too difficult to configure and do not present data nicely.

ntop is a hunk of trash. It's extremely slow and also presents data like RRTG/PRTG. All over the place.

dd-wrt has some nice traffic web-based stuff, but I can't figure out what they are using to achieve it. I guess I might ask their mailing list.

darkstat[1] is very close to what I want, but there isn't a package in Fedora for it. I'm using it with my own spec file and it seems nice. However, it's missing a few things I would like to see.

-All interfaces graphed. darkstat is limited to one interface AFAIK.
-Breakdown of traffic type. common ports like HTTP, SSH, etc would be good enough.
-Breakdown of host traffic. I'd like to see per IP traffic in real time.
-Real time filtering. darkstat requires a restart to filter IPs or anything else.

Anything like this exist? I've been searching for years so now I'm giving up and calling for help.

[1] http://dmr.ath.cx/net/darkstat/

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