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Re: Issues with Kontact/Kmail distribution list

On Friday 23 January 2009 00:00:54 Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi all;
> I'm running Fedora 10 & KDE
> I go into the address book and create a distribution list, save it as say
> 'test_dist'
> This works fine, I can go back and look at it and I see the email addresses
> I've added to it. While I have the distribution list editor open (in the
> address book) I can click on the link of the distribution list name and an
> email compose window pops up with all the email addresses in the to field
> just as I expect.
> However:
> If I click (in the mail window) on 'new message' and type in the name of
> the new dist list in the to field the name is entered simply as 'test_dist'
> which should be fine but when I send the mail it attempts to send to
> "test_dist myhostname" in my case it tries to go to:
> test_dist Issac consistentstate com  (this is my local laptop hostname) and
> of course it fails to send (rather I get a permanent failure email back)
> Thoughts ?

Yes, I had that problem - filed a bug report too.  However, my F10 is updating 
from updates-testing and from kde-redhat, and somewhere in the last week or so 
an update has fixed this.  If you can, just hang on and the relevant update 
will hit the main repos.

Note to self - should update the bug report.


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