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Re: updateing ARGHH.

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Michael Comperchio wrote:
When I run the 'Update System' 'cuz it's telling me I have updates... I
get the following errors:

libavcodec.so.51 is needed by package gstreamer-ffmpeg-0.10.5-1.fc10.i386
libavcodec.so.51 is needed by package
libavcodec.so.51 is needed by package
k3b-extras-freeworld-1.0.5-4.fc10.i386 : Success - empty transaction

and the update fails. Unfortunately for the silly updater...I HAVE that
file install in /usr/lib... in fact I have .51 .51.71 and .52 installed
... what's up?


It is telling you that it could not update libavcodec because it is
needed by those packages.


Well, I decided to use KDE as my desktop and finally figured out what was broke. I had no music playback! So I played and thought and played and thought finally decided to uninstall the packages that seemed (from the conflict error messages) to conflict. libavutil49 was the culprit. After yum remove that I was able to yum install the xine* k3b* and gstreamer* that I had removed. Those installations seemed to add back in what I had removed with libav*.

I'm still going back to GNOME though. I can't really give a reason. I like some of the KDE apps. KWord is perfect for my needs. OpenOffice doesn't render stuff correctly on my display/video combination (GeForce 440/Compaq monitor) and I prefer Dolphin to Nautilus. But they run on GNOME so no problem

Thanks again for all the help guys....

Happy Feet

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