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SataRaid and Installation

Not sure if this is the right list, but maybe someone will see this. 

I started out my computer experience as a DOS users a long time ago.  Then on to windows and about 8 years ago I started using Linux to get ahead and to see what it could do.  Over the years it has grown on me.  I have used several distributions, but once Fedora came out I really stuck with it. 

I got to say that I have been greatly disappointed by Fedora for the last 2 releases.  I have a rockin system.  I can play any game out there, I love.  I just can't install Fedora with out sacrificing my system speed.  For 2 releases dmraid has been broken.  The fix is for me to stop using Sata RAID0.  This is not a good fix, my disk IO doubles by having this.  I have seen posts all over the boards and bugzilla relating to various problems in DMRaid.  Yet for 2 releases, it has stayed broken.  To me this is a show stopper when you can't even install an OS.

At a time when Linux can break through and get some number away from Microsoft you would think that a error free installation would be a top priority for the Fedora team.  I am greatly dissapointed that such a widely known problem has been ignored by this team.

Dissapointed and Let Down,

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