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Re: SataRaid and Installation

Chris Linville wrote:
Not sure if this is the right list, but maybe someone will see this. I started out my computer experience as a DOS users a long time ago. Then on to windows and about 8 years ago I started using Linux to get ahead and to see what it could do. Over the years it has grown on me. I have used several distributions, but once Fedora came out I really stuck with it. I got to say that I have been greatly disappointed by Fedora for the last 2 releases. I have a rockin system. I can play any game out there, I love. I just can't install Fedora with out sacrificing my system speed. For 2 releases dmraid has been broken. The fix is for me to stop using Sata RAID0. This is not a good fix, my disk IO doubles by having this. I have seen posts all over the boards and bugzilla relating to various problems in DMRaid. Yet for 2 releases, it has stayed broken. To me this is a show stopper when you can't even install an OS.

At a time when Linux can break through and get some number away from Microsoft you would think that a error free installation would be a top priority for the Fedora team. I am greatly dissapointed that such a widely known problem has been ignored by this team.

Dissapointed and Let Down,
Unfortunately, this is one of the many side affects of relying on software to do Raid. In the past I have seen bad SATA RAID setups in most systems when done in sofware. I have three systems that run RAID (level 5) hardware, so I haven't had the need to use DMRaid, and never had a problem between any of the O/s's I have played with (and/or broken horribly) so this is all based on the Fedora installment of DMraid. Best way to get this fixed is to build it yourself, and see what the solution would be, based on errors you have seen. That is one of the biggest things with a community O/s. A few places do paid support, and will attempted to dedicate resources to your issue, and release a big patch, but with this being a bleeding edge distro, it is best to fix it yourself, then offer a solution, otherwise it may not be fixed, or take forever to get it fixed.

On the other hand, I know the issues with having a good system and being stuck with Windows.... Though it isn't all doom and gloom for me. It is hardware for me, since the system just flat refuses to load linux (I get it to uncompress the boot loader, and start working on vmlinuz, where it eventually stops, and never starts again until reboot, where the same thing happens again and again) though I am sure this is purely the brand of motherboard I have, I am just too lazy and computers are too cheap for me to spend time fighting to have a dual boot on my gaming system.


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