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Re: RAM question for everyone!

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 8:24 AM, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> SATA Hard drive speeds - 70 megs to 150 megs a second unless you're RAIDing
> DDR2 RAM speeds - 6000 megs a second and up.
> If performance is a key issue, which I'm sure it is, you don't want swap.

Of course I'm perfectly aware that RAM is much faster than hard drive storage.

The OP asked how much memory he needed so he didn't have to configure
any swap. He even mentioned that the server's hard drive was small as
one of the reasons for not wanting swap.

My machines, both desktop and server, *all* have swap, even if I don't
expect to ever need it. Normally, the swap usage is zero, which is
what I want. But there have been instances that the presence of the
rarely-touched swap space has saved my ass.

It just seemed like a silly cost-saving technique. He was willing to
sink hundreds of dollars on a huge amount of RAM, but was unwilling to
devote an extra 10-20 dollars on a hard drive big enough to provide
swap space. (Apologies if other currencies are involved.)

I understand not wanting to swap. I don't understand not want swap
available at all.

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