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Re: Amazon Kindle and Fedora

Kevin Martin wrote:
> FWIW, I own a Kindle and, for reading the Kindle'ized ebooks it rocks
> AFAIC.  I was given one for Christmas (along with a gift card for
> Amazon) and, to be frank, have read probably a dozen books on it since
> then.  For just reading books it's great...very easy on the eyes.  I
> wish it had a few more features than it has (like displaying time, maybe
> being able to check weather) but that's not really what it's for in the
> first place.  I read alot (can you tell?) and have found it to be
> remarkable...the only complaint (hah!) that I might have is in how easy
> it is to search for a book that I want and, if they have it, download it
> (takes about 10 seconds typically)...but maybe that's not really a fault
> of the Kindle but my own inability to go for more than a couple of hours
> without a new book to read.
> Haven't tried anything as far as with F10 yet...did try to connect it to
> a VirtualBox "usb" port with no success.
> Kevin
Did you give yourself permission to access it in the VirtualBox?
Because of the way Fedora handles the USB file system, you have to
change the ownership of the device to access it in a VirtualBox.

It gets interesting when the device you want to be able to use in
the VirtualBox does not have a Linux driver, so you can not just
change the permission of the /dev entry. I have a Gemstar ebook
reader that I connect to from a VirtualBox. I have a udev rule and a
small script I use for this. I give group r/w access to the device,
and set the group to vbox.

You may want to see what /var/log/messages says when you plug in the
Kindle, and go from there. If it is being seen as a USB storage
device, you can always give access to the drive. You may also be
able to write a HAL rule so that it does not get mounted, but it
gets the proper permissions so you can access it from the
VirtualBox. (I know it can be done, but I can not do it yet.)


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