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What is the fedora way of setting a kernel module to load at boot time?


The title prity much says it all.
What i want to do is add a certain module at the fedora boot time.
Mainly one of the fb modules and i want to use them in the grub boot
line. For example: uvesafb, vesafb, intelfb to name a few.
I either want to use there fb options in the grub line or in the place
where i load the module.

The point is that other distros have a /etc/modprobe.conf or a
/etc/modules.conf but i can only find a blacklist file in
/etc/modprobe.d along with a few others.

I want to append something like this:
video=intelfb:mode=800x600-32 75,accel,hwcursor,vram=8
Or in a modprobe line: modprobe intelfb mode=800x600-32 75 vram=8
accel=1 hwcursor=1
Source: http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/fb/intelfb.txt

And something i just noticed.. Why are all the *fb modules blacklisted
in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file?


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