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Re: Software RAID 5 or something else?

aragonx dcsnow com wrote:

My original idea was to put them in a RAID 5 configuration.  This sounded
good until I started researching RAID controller cards.  It looks like it
will cost me $520 to get a good PCI-E card (3Ware 8 port).  I don't think
I want to spend that much if I don't have to.

My goals are two fold.

1) I want to get some redundancy in case of a drive failure.

2) I want to increase my performance.

If you want to increase performance relative to a single drive, RAID 5 is the wrong choice. Many (most, in my experience) workloads will run slower on RAID 5. I recommend running RAID 10 if you think the storage needs to be faster. Either get sixth drive for 2.25TB of storage, or set up a 1.5TB array with a hot spare.

Software RAID is fine if you don't want to pay for a controller, but get yourself a UPS.

I have benchmarked my read and
write performance to and from this server.  Using Samba, I seem to be able
to get about 50Mb/sec reads and 40Mb/sec writes.  I am on a gig network
and would like to be able to max out the cards (90Mb/sec is what I get at

More than likely, you need to enable jumbo frames on all of your systems.

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