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gdm - displaying of information/ F10

 Our policy is to minimize information leakage - we recently switched
from kdm/kde to gdm/gnome and I cannot find how to adjust gdm greeter to
achieve :

  (1) stop list of users displayed

  (2) stop last user being displayed

  (3) control the banner/logo content

  I looked around and this site suggests (1) and (2) are not possible:


  (3) Is possible .. with a hair more than a little fussing

  If one firsts creates a home directory for the user gdm and then
create a registry entry


  default = computer name (string)

  I have not tried this - tho I assume one can su - gdm and run the editor.

   It sure would be nice if there was a simple config file or a simple
configuration tool to do these kinds of simple admin/policy tasks.
Perhaps there is ?? (Seems there was one in earlier versions of gdm and
even a config file gdm.conf).

   The idea of administering a single app with a config file in /etc/gdm
and in addition a new home directory and then a registry entry for the
rest of the config of the same application seems .. mmm just south of
bizarre ... so I have to assume my ignorance is preventing me from
seeing the obvious simple way forward.

   I look forward to hearing suggestions on how to administer gdm ...

(I did try kdm but there was some nasty white flash before the blue
background was loaded as gnome/metacity was started by kdm)

    Thank you for any help and suggestions.


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