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Re: F10+ Burn multiple discs concurrent from iso?

Robin Laing wrote:
> Frank Murphy wrote:
>> Can any of the fedora supplied, GUI Burners,
>> burn multiple copies concurrent.
>> Looking at setting up a PC based Duplicator.
>> Any controller card better than another Fedora POV?
>> May 6 devices Internal.
>> Frank
> I think you would be better off using a script and a CLI tool.  It isn't
> that hard.  It may actually work better as each burner, even if
> identical will have different properties and operating characteristics.
> But you ask a good question and it will be interesting to see.

I suspect that a SCSI controller, and an external LUN controller
with the drives in it would work better. I would not want the load
of 6 drives burring at the same time on the PC's power supply.
Depending on the burn speed, you might run into data transfer
problems on the PCI bus in any case. You could run external SATA
drives, but the cabling would be a problem and you still have the
PCI bus speed limit.


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