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Re: music download sites?

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Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi all;
> anyone out there using one of the pay for music download sites? I'm wanting to 
> find one that does not require windows or mac software to simply download the 
> mp3 files, or other such stupidity.
> Suggestions ?
> Thanks in advance


According to their legal information page, they are legal in Russia.
Whether that makes them legal to download from in your country, I have
no idea.  I have been using them for well over a year with no identity
theft or security issues.  Their tech support is lightning fast to
respond, customer service is great, and MP3s are something like 15
cents/track when you buy by the album.

I've had long debates with some friends about downloading MP3s.  For me,
I wind up downloading MP3s for music I find interesting but not worth
buying the CD for.  So in my case, I can honestly say that the whole
RIAA argument about musicians having lost revenue are complete bullshit.
 If I find an artist I *really* like, I will go and buy the CD.  It's
worth 15 cents a track to check out an artist I'm not familiar with.  No
way would I plunk down $12-$15 for the same CD.

Also, if you've not tried http://www.pandora.com, you really should.
You plug in an artist or song you like and it finds similar music based
on what the call the music genome.  Things like beats per minute, vocal
quality, syncopation and rhythm and so on.  I've been introduced to a
ton of new (to me) artists that I really like that way.

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