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Re: music download sites?

On Saturday 24 January 2009 17:02:40 Thomas Cameron wrote:
> I've had long debates with some friends about downloading MP3s.  For me,
> I wind up downloading MP3s for music I find interesting but not worth
> buying the CD for.  So in my case, I can honestly say that the whole
> RIAA argument about musicians having lost revenue are complete bullshit.
>  If I find an artist I *really* like, I will go and buy the CD.  It's
> worth 15 cents a track to check out an artist I'm not familiar with.  No
> way would I plunk down $12-$15 for the same CD.

Artists lose revenue through illegal file-sharing.  Artists gain revenue if 
you buy from reputable sites.  Magnatune guarantee that the artist will get 
50% of whatever you pay (I don't know how they split it when you buy monthly 
subscriptions).  I bought a CD in wav form for burning because it fitted a 
particular niche.  If I'd paid the recommended $5 (I paid slightly more) the 
artist would have got a great deal more than he would get from a £12-£15 shop-
bought one.  Incidentally, they will actually burn a disc and send it to you 
for only a small extra charge.

I'm sure there are other services equally good and maybe offering a slightly 
different set of services.


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