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Re: Miro crashes

on 01/22/2009 11:16 PM oleksandr korneta wrote:
ok, same is also observed on F9 x86_64. It must be some update that broke everything...

on 01/19/2009 05:55 PM oleksandr korneta wrote:
I've been using it for quite some time without problems and today it started crashing right after video clip stops playing.

command-line output:

/usr/bin/miro: line 2: 9782 Segmentation fault LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9 miro.real "$@"

is anybody else experiencing this? Any suggestions?

even though nobody else responded so far, just to let you know. The bug is caused by latest xine-lib-1.1.16-1 update. Rollback to 1.1.15 solves the problem.

Oleksandr Korneta

I'm running F9 x86_64 and F10 i386 on x86_64 hardware, should this matter.

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