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Re: Amazon Kindle and Fedora

Robert L Cochran wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
Please note: I am saying all the above after having downloaded only one
free sample chapter of a Kindle-ized book, and I have never bought a
Kindle Store book from Amazon.

If you want to give it more of a test, go to Baen Free Library and
download some books in the Kindle format. They have a fair sample of
free books. They are complete books, but about half are the first
book in a series, to get you hooked on the author's work. (If you
liked the first one, and want more of the same.)

They offer the same book in more then one format. So if you like the
book, but don't like reading it on the Kindle, you can read it on
other devices. If all else fails, you can always download the HTML
version. Best of all - no DRM!


Mobibook offers free software that will create books in their format
- from what I understand, they will work in the Kindle as well.
(Just change the extension.)


Thanks for letting me know about baen.com. I was downloading stuff like
Tom Sawyer (which is fun reading by the way, and could have been better
if I could see the original book illustrations in the Kindle) from
gutenberg.org. I also have the Mobibook software and have used it.


Well, this did induce me to plug my Kindle in for a recharge. I have to
say the showy book covers on the baen.com website make me wish even more
that the Kindle is color-capable.


I downloaded "Primary Inversion" by Catherine Asaro from Baen. Connected
it to my Fedora 7 box over USB with no trouble and copied the book (as a
*.mobi file) onto it. The table of contents is at the end of the book. I
suppose that's no different than having it at the start of the book. The
front cover images are grayscale and tough to read. The text itself is

I then went back to baen.com/library and downloaded the same book in
HTML zip format, and put it on my hefty Dell Latitude E6400 laptop.
Started Firefox 3 and read a few paragraphs. The book cover now at least
shows up in color. The HTML links appear to work. I like the HTML
version better except for one thing -- the laptop weighs a ton compared
to the Kindle.

Of course you get color with xpdf and the pdf version of the books. I'm working my way through 'Mistborn' at the moment, although dead trees still are my favorite UI. And don't need power.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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