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RE: TurboTax.com (Here we go again...)

hey chris...

i recently (last few days) recall seeing something in the news that said the
IRS was pretty much allowing everyone to do free electronic filing. if this
is the case, you might not need turbo-tax at all. (unless you still need a
tax app to do the actual calculations for the various forms....)

if you check it out, let us know!!


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Well - It seems that time of year has come once again...

And once again, Intuit is doing browser checks on their TurboTax site
and refusing to run any browser if the OS is Linux.

Firefox on Windows or Mac is fine, but not Linux.

I got around this before by finding a UA Switcher config that fooled it.
Anyone know where I can find one that has FF 3.0 on Windows as an

I did my part by sending Intuit a strongly, but professionally worded
complaint about this. It included (truthfully) how I have used their
product for years and that I am now considering using a competitor's
product because, in today's Web 2.0 world, this kind of browser checking
stuff is completely unacceptable.

Anyone care to do the same?



"Behind every double standard
lies a single hidden agenda."

--G. K. Chesterton

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