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F10 - kernel build problem

I recently installed F10 on a really old computer that previously was running FC6 (perfectly). The hardware is a Dell 900 Mhz P3, 512 MB memory (all it will take) and a ancient Nvidia card with a PCI interface (dog slow).

Everything went well, except for a few quirks and a big problem.

I normally don't use the Fedora kernel, I build a custom kernel from the latest stable sources at kernel.org. I've been doing this for years on this box without any problems. Now with F10, I can't compile the kernel, gcc dies with a segmentation fault and the output tries to tell me that this must be a hardware or operating system problem. A load of crap! I booted the FC6 disk and did a successful kernel build, so not a hardware problem.

I installed the kernel built on the FC6 box, and it works fine with the F10 system. But I'd really like to get this working without booting FC6 every time a kernel patch is released.

I did build a large software system (nothing as big as the Linux kernel) on the F10 system and it seems to be working fine, so gcc seems to be installed properly.

Any hints on how to diagnose this problem will be appreciated.



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