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Re: F10 - kernel build problem

David Timms wrote:
john wendel wrote:
this box without any problems. Now with F10, I can't compile the
kernel, gcc dies with a segmentation fault and the output tries to
tell me that
Can you provide the text of the segfault (without that you are asking for speculation) ?

I'll get this together on Monday when I have access to the box.

Could you try running the compile inside the gdb debugger, install any
debuginfo packages requested, and hopefully be able to get a backtrace ?

Not sure I can wedge gdb into the kernel makefile, but I'll take a look at it. It doesn't give a complete backtrace, but the output lists the function that died. I just can't remember the name, though I seem to recall that it was the same function every time it crashed.

You aren't running out of disk (on certain partitions/lv's) or memory
during the build, are you ?

Definitely not a disk space issue. I suspect that it might be a memory problem, but I've got a 2GB swap partition.

I did build a large software system (nothing as big as the Linux
kernel) on the F10 system and it seems to be working fine, so gcc
seems to be installed properly.
How long did the "large software system" take to complete ?

This a suite of 7 programs and a set of libraries that take about 10 minutes to compile on FC6 and F10. The kernel compile on FC6 takes about 20 minutes.

How far into the kernel build did it stop (time gcc ...) ?

I'll have to time it, but it dies after building about the first (apprxoimately) 20 modules. If I run make again, it successfully compiles the module that it died on, and then segfaults after compiling another 5 to 10 modules. Repeat make, same behavior. It eventually finishes the build, but the resulting kernel won't boot.

Same config file builds a working kernel using FC6 (with a much older gcc).


Thanks for your help.


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