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Re: F10 - Firefox won't start

john wendel wrote:

> Thanks, this looks interesting. I can't try it until Monday, but I'll 
> definitely give it a run.

you are most welcome.

also, do a 'man firefox' to see why of arguments.

i have never had problems with mozilla firefox or thunderbird from day one,
when i started using netscape 1.3. they have all just worked.

i am aware of these cl starts from subscribing to mozilla support and have
an extensive collection of bookmarks for ff and tb.

biggest problem i have ever run into is that there is a majority of msbsos
babies on list and they are a bit jealous and snide towards linux users.
[especially my sig]

i fluff it off with knowledge that if they were anywhere as smart as some
of them think they are, they would be using linux. <gbwg>

peace out.



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.
help microsoft stamp out piracy - give linux to a friend today
to mess up a linux box, you need to work at it;
to mess up an ms windows box, you just need to *look at* it.
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