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Why is uid/gid 350 bad? [WAS: Re: f10 gdm user hide]

Hi Folks

I've just set up a user account for our scanner - no the scanner will
never login at GDM (will ftp in).  So, after much gnashing of teeth,
I've given it a uid/gid of 350 so that it doesn't show up in the GDM
login (it seem the only way to hid a user account is to give it a
uid/gid below 500).  How long before this rash move turns my machine
into a smoking pile of ash?

Thanks all,

On 13/12/08 14:21, Craig White wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-12-13 at 02:03 +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Frank Cox wrote:
>>> Is there any way to remove a user's name from the list on the initial gdm
>>> login screen?
>>> Related:  Is there a way to reorganize the names?  For example, if the
>>> list has Fred at the top and Sally under that, can the order be reversed
>>> so Sally is on top?
>>> Scaling back my question again, does anyone know how to set the default
>>> username that is initially selected when gdm starts?  So if it's Fred's
>>> machine he doesn't always have to move the pointer off of Sally first
>>> before he logs in.
>> I'd suggest trying KDM, which can actually be configured.
>> su -
>> yum install kdebase-workspace
>> echo 'DISPLAYMANAGER="KDE"' >/etc/sysconfig/desktop
>> reboot
>> (That's really "KDE" there, not "KDM".)
>> If you want to make sure GNOME is the default desktop, you can add:
>> echo 'DESKTOP="GNOME"' >>/etc/sysconfig/desktop
>> Likewise, DESKTOP="KDE" makes KDE the systemwide default.
>> Then you can set up KDM through systemsettings (the KDE configuration tool).
>> You may lose some GNOME integration though (e.g. fast user switching),
>> because obviously KDM was primarily designed for KDE.
> ----
> +1 for KDM
> I've been able to edit themes rather simply and get some nice custom
> login screens and company backgrounds.
> Craig

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