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Re: Printers

On 01/22/2009 03:57 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
In the USA maybe, it varies by country according to what the law allows
them to get away with.

New printers are actually often a better buy because its the best way
to get a new cartridge and components to [ab]use with an inkrefill kit a
few times until it clogs up.
My personal experience with Canon, HP, and Epson is that using non-proprietary ink can actually ruin the printer. Both my Canon and Epson had ink cartriges separate from the heads. After using cheap ink, the ink ended up dripping into the rollers and heads eventually causing problems. My one HP all-in-one worked fine for a number of years beyond its expected life. But, again, the math I did recently on cartridges shows a color laser printer to be much less costly per page (under $.02 compared to over $.04) for an ink jet. But, there are other cost considerations.

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