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Re: Printers

> My personal experience with Canon, HP, and Epson is that using 
> non-proprietary ink can actually ruin the printer. Both my Canon and 
> Epson had ink cartriges separate from the heads. After using cheap ink, 
> the ink ended up dripping into the rollers and heads eventually causing 

But who cares. You refill the cartridge a few times and then you buy a
new printer not a new cartridge. They cost the same near enough so who
cares if the cheap ink trashes the previous one...

That's the ludicrous business model the inkjet printer people push, and
the in EU at least its also an opportunity to punish them for their
stupidity, as the waste electronics directive dumps the cost of the old
printer indirectly on them (via their supplier who gets the old one back
each time). Even better if you buy a new printer each time and refill it
until it chokes with cheap ink the printer manufacturer generally makes a
loss every printer they sell you... seves them right.

> shows a color laser printer to be much less costly per page (under $.02 
> compared to over $.04) for an ink jet. But, there are other cost 
> considerations.

If you are doing any volume a decent colour laser is a huge cost saving.
Nowdays I have a laser - mostly because I can print to vinyl, print to
transfers without hassle and don't have the 'delights' of inkjet ink
being waterbased so impossible to use in combination with glues or
many paints.


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