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RE: Printers

look online... to buy a used printer...

i got a hp-2500 color printer with ~50% of the toner in the cartridges
left... got it for ~$30(US) at an auction...

you'd be surprised at what you might find!! i also saw the same printer at a
later auction go for ~$100!!!!

you never know!

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On 01/21/2009 04:19 AM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Michael Comperchio wrote:
>> What would be the best choice in inexpensive printers for use with
>> Fedora? I'm relatively new to F10, though I've used Linux before. I'm
>> hoping to never have to boot to the windoze side again.  But printing
>> and the inability to sync up with my Palm Lifedrive are the major
>> holdups for that. I can probably live without the Livedrive...but I do
>> need to print
> I'd recommend HP, because the CUPS drivers (HPLIP) are Free Software,
> written by HP themselves and included in Fedora (so they work out of the
> box).
> /!\ Please check on the HPLIP website http://hplip.sourceforge.net/ that
> printer you're about to buy is supported and that it doesn't require the
> binary-only "plugin". There are third-party Free Software drivers for most
> of the "plugin"-using printers, but there are patent issues (JBIG
> compression, mainly), which is why HP is not willing to support them in
> HPLIP without that binary-only "plugin" and which also means those drivers
> are not included in Fedora. (They can be found in RPM Fusion though,
> they're the foo2xxx drivers, where xxx is one of zjs, hp, oak etc.)
> One drawback though is that HP is not the cheapest option out there
> (especially if you count the ink/toner prices - for example, HP inkjets
> have the print heads on the cartridge, which means they're less
> to defects, but which also means the cartridges are very expensive; and of
> course the cartridge/toner prices also subsidize the printer to some
> extent, something to watch for all printers, it's a common pricing tactic
> of printer manufacturers, not just something HP does),

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The first thing to do on installing an inkjet printer is to set the
default printing mode to "draft". It makes the printer much faster and
it uses a lot less ink. For 99% of the printing I do, draft quality
printing is acceptable.

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