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Re: Upgrading to F10 without DVD

Oliver Ruebenacker writes:


  I don't have a drive to write to DVD (only to CD). How can I upgrade
from F9 to F10?

  In the past, I successfully upgraded from F6 to F7 to F8 to F9 by
burning a rescue CD. But the rescue CD images seem to be increasingly
hard to find. Are there no F10 users without DVD-R drive?

Of course there are. There are many ways to install Fedora without a DVD drive. You do need to recruit another machine on the network, to assist.

One way to do it is to download the DVD image, and loop-mount it on another machine that has Apache installed and running. Loop-mount the image, say, as /var/www/html/dvd.

Then, from the images/pxeboot directory, copy initrd.img and vmlinuz files to your F9 machines, and make another entry in its grub.conf, something like:

title Fedora Installer
  kernel /vmlinuz-installer
  initrd /initrd-installer.img

That assumes you've copied initrd.img and vmlinuz from images/pxeboot to as /boot/vmlinuz-installer and /boot/initrd-installer.img

Then, reboot, and choose the new option from Grub's menu. The installer will start, choose the option to do a network install, and enter the URL to the loop-mounted DVD image on the other machine: http://ip.address/dvd

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