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Re: Gateway DX4720 installation problems

Nigel Henry wrote:
On Sunday 25 January 2009 17:46, Charles Landau wrote:
The next problem is, it won't install in graphics mode, and once
installed, it won't go into graphics mode. Apparently it is unhappy with
the graphics processor on the DX4720-03.

The F10 Live CD hangs up on a blank screen, which I suspect is also
related to not being able to deal with the graphics processor.

The DX4720-03 has an NVIDIA GeForce 7100 integrated graphics processor
with shared memory.

Does anyone know how to get this to work? Or do you have hints on
diagnosing the problem?

Hi Charles.

I know on the machine I built with an Asus M2N-X Plus mobo, I have to use the acpi=off option on the kernel line to install, and also the same acpi=off option post install, in order to get the machine to bootup. Without the acpi=off option, the machine would bootup as far as starting X, then freeze, which required a hard reset.

That is with F8, F9, Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10, Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, Archlinux (Don't Panic), Kubuntu Intrepid 8.10, and Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10. the only 2 distros where I didn't have to append the kernel line, were 2 using much earlier kernels, mainly Debian Etch, and Kubuntu Breezy.

The acpi=off option may not work for you, but is just a thought.


That did not work to fix the video problem.

Apparently Linux is known to have problems with the nVidia GeForce 7100; I found this post: https://fcp.surfsite.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=62357&forum=12

I'm looking for the right driver in hopes that will fix the video problem.

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