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I'm currently running only Fedora10. I installed it a few months ago.
I know very little about partitioning.

I'd like to setup partitions so I can install windowsXP and Ubuntu
to see what its like.  

The /dev/sda1 has the ext3 file system with 196.60 MiB (162.50 unused)
and the /dev/sda2 with 232.69 GiB (all unused), is listed as unknown.

Do I need to format an NTSF partition for windows, an ext2 for
Ubuntu, and a Swap for the Linux programs?  I suppose each is a
separate operation? Is there any particular order? And what should the
minimum size be for each partition.

I've installed GParted, but am afraid I'll screw it up.

I've been searching for answers in the forum & manuals but haven't been
able to find what I need.  Naturally, any links that would help me with
this would also be appreciated.

I appreciate any guidance on this.

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