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Re: Upgrading to F10 without DVD

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009, Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:

 I burned a F10 Live CD, but then found out that you can not upgrade,
only install.

A live CD install essentially just takes a copy of the live CD image and installs it on a disk, so naturally you can't use that method to upgrade.

But since this is only running anaconda behind the scenes it ought to be possible to run anaconda with different options to do an upgrade using network based repositories to supply the packages. It won't give you any advantages over the netinst.iso image, but it ought to work.

preupgrade is probably easier though if you have enough free diskspace. You run preupgrade and it prepares the upgrade for you, downloading the relevant packages and building them into a mini-repository so that you can install them after a reboot. It helps though if you have something like 130M free on whatever partition contains /boot as some have had trouble with the alternative it uses if this space isn't free.

	Michael Young

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