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Re: Need help with WLAN on Eee PC 1000H [SOLVED]

Albert Graham schrieb:

First of all: thank all of you very much for your suggestions. As I
should expect, none of us was completely right or wrong. ;)

Here is what I found out.

> Also, don't mess with wpa_supplicant and what not (i.e chkconfig etc) ,
> just let NetworkManager do it's stuff.

That the point: NM would possibly do its stuff - if it could. But the
great documentation and debugging abilities of NM make finding out
what's going on a real challenge. So I rather stick to wpa_supplicant.
NM uses it anyway. ;)

To make a long story short: both WPA and WPA2 work fine but the key
cipher is important. TKIP works, AES (CCMP) does *not*. Since my AP was
broadcasting both of them wpa_supplicant chose AES and was stuck. Since
I do not know how to tell NM to explicitly use TKIP I have to restrict
my AP to TKIP or give up on NM and use wpa_supplicant directly. This is
not a comforting decision, since WPA/TKIP has been cracked.


I would like you to confirm or to disprove my conclusion. Do you
successfully use the Eee 1000H with WPA(2)+AES? Is it possible?


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