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Re: hplip scanner support?

Tom Horsley wrote:
Sometime when I wasn't looking hplip seems to have
gotten scanner support added for most of HP's
all-in-one products (too bad they didn't retrofit
support for their stand alone scanners).

Is anyone actually using one of the HP all-in-one
devices on fedora 10 and gotten the scanner to work
well? Can you scan via the low-level sane command
line tools like scanimage?

Maybe there is a SANE solution for devices actually
available somewhere other than e-bay and antique
stores :-).

Too bad HP isn't putting penguin logos on their boxes
and trumpeting linux support in their product pages,
I stumbled across the hplip scanner info by accident :-(.

HP PSC2410, USB interface, seems happy, though the Fax interface, (I think) seems a bit clunky. Scanning/printing works just fine.


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