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Re: "Static" wireless interface and runlevel 3

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> I have a system whose network interface is via a USB wireless to a
> router.
> From what I've read, NetworkManager is deemed unsuitable for this
> task.  Correct?

IMO, not entirely correct.  If your wireless network uses WPA, then I
think the old network service requires some fiddling, perhaps more
than it takes to make NetworkManager bring up your connection
automatically without a user logging in.  (This was the case the last
time I looked at the network service scripts, which was a few releases
ago now.  If that's changed, then please ignore me. :)

Now, if you're not using WPA, then system-config-network and the
network service is probably sufficient and simpler than

Perhaps if you provide more details about what sort of wireless you're
trying to setup and which tools you're using / have used so far
someone can be of more help.

Personally, I try to avoid mixing system-config-network and NM.  I do
have NetworkManager starting my WPA wireless connection prior to login
on my laptop.  I generally boot into runlevel 5, so I haven't tested
it in runlevel 3, but I do think it would work there.

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