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Re: fedora 9 / 10 and flashplayer 9 /10

Craig White wrote:
On Sun, 2009-01-25 at 19:07 -0800, Paul Newell wrote:
I am trying to download Adobe Flashplayer onto my F9 machine. Read Fedora's posting on why its not included and makes sense.

However, most of the notes on line are for F10 and its obvious that there is a change on the fedora end with the deprecation of libflashsupport (if I have the name correct). On the Adobe side, I can find different instruction for yum installation for player 9 and player 10. But they have notes that FlashPlayer 9 works for RHEL3 and RHEL4 and FlashPlayer 10 works for RHEL5. Where Fedora 9 is in that mix is not on their doc pages.

If I am on F9, do I need to stay with FlashPlayer 9 or can I download FlashPlayer 10? I know that upgrading to f10 means I can use FlashPlayer 10.

Also, all the docs on Fedora Wiki were for Fedora 10 and flash, I wasn't able to find a page for Fedora 9.
probably easiest to just install their repository package...

rpm -ivh \

and then...

yum install flash-plugin libflashsupport

This would install both flash-plugin and the support to make sound work
in flash on Fedora 9. Fedora 10 doesn't need the libflashsupport

This way, you will always get the newest version of flash-plugin
suitable for your system which I have to believe would be



Thanks for the suggestion, will try. My one question before I begin is I kept seeing references to pulseaudio and something else like ASLA (some four letter acryomn) that I can't relocate on the web (I'll do a better search later). Does this ring a bell and, if so, are these part of standard Fedora 9 that I don't need to worry about as they are already there?


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