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Re: hostname curiosity

Steve wrote:
> When I boot my F9 box it can have one of two different host names
> and I would like to figure why this is.
> One of the hostnames, hp<number> is the name set by the manufacturer
> and it's probably in the BIOS. I think that the other one is set via
> dhcp. Our network dhcp server is a Windows box. The pattern seems to
> be that when I first turn the machine on, it gets the hp<number>
> hotsname but if I reboot, I get the dhcp name. I would like to
> always get the dhcp name.
> Any suggestions how on to investigate this?
The only way I could see the hostname being set by the BIOS is if it
did the connection to the DHCP server. (Network boot?) It is
possible to set up the DHCP request to request a specific hostname,
or the DHCP server to assign a specific hostname.

You can try setting "DHCP_HOSTNAME" in the config file for the
interface and see if that helps.

You can also set the hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network.


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