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Re: Printers

Alan Cox wrote:
> O> is photo printing. I get adequate results for everyday use using some special 
>> paper, but, it's not the same as a Canon Photo Printer, which can be stunning. 
> I still have a photo printer for that one reason, but rarely use it.
>> But, you said something - I've never heard of printing on vinyl with a laser - 
>> could you expand on that? What are you printing? How can vinyl survive the 
>> heat? Details would be appreciated...
> You can get laser printable vinyls designed for the purpose. The process
> is then something like
> 	laser print onto vinyl (with backing sheet) including alignment
> marks
> 	Feed resulting sheet into vinyl cutting machine
> 	Tell machine to align to marks
> 	Cut
> 	Peel
> 	Apply
> 	Custom printed decals of any shape and size you want.
> Alan
That sounds like fun. A bit difficult if you don't have the vinyl
cutting machine, but you run into the same problems with an ink jet.

Now if only they made printable CD/DVDs that would work in a laser
printer. :)


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