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Re: PLEASE, I need help with printing to HP1320 Laserjet

On Monday, Jan 26th 2009 at 12:29 -0000, quoth Tim Waugh:

=>Hash: SHA1
=>Steven W. Orr wrote:
=>| Even after I upgraded to F10, I'm still having problems and I have no
=>| idea how to proceed. Most times when I print, I only get the top few
=>| inches of the sheet. Afterwards, the job is still sitting in the queue
=>| and the hp process is running off with half the cpu. Here's the process
=>| hierarchy:
=>| lp       R    10:58   3:03  \_  \
=>| hp:/par/hp_LaserJet_1320_series?device=/dev/parport0 48 steveo ca6.ps 1 \
=>| PrintoutMode=Normal PageSize=Letter Quality=300GrayscaleK \
=>| Duplex=DuplexNoTumble InputSlot=Default number-up=1 \
=>| job-uuid=urn:uuid:61669726-b09d-3489-6a08-d76f16a34193
=>| The hp process is the last one.
=>Looks like the hp backend is busy-looping.
=>Have you tried the test update for hplip?
=>~  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/F10/FEDORA-2008-11236

Did I ever say why I love linux so much? I don't know if this is fixed, 
but the last thing I just tried to print (a massive two page doc) just 

I am happier than I used to be. :-)

BTW, If it matters, I did *not* upgrade libsane-hpaio since I do not have 
a scanner and I was hoping that if it didn't work, that a more minimal 
change would hurt me less.

Thanks :-)

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