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Re: Gateway DX4720 installation problems - nvidia 7100

David Timms wrote:
Charles Landau wrote:
Apparently Linux is known to have problems with the nVidia GeForce 7100; I found this post: https://fcp.surfsite.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=62357&forum=12 I'm looking for the right driver in hopes that will fix the video problem.
It may be that kernel modesetting is active and causing the issue. try adding the nomodeset option to the grub kernel boot line.

That did not help.

You can check the nvidia linux site to determine which GPUs are supported by which closed source driver. (If it is supported, then I suggest using akmod-nvidia-YYY from RPM Fusion to make the process of getting the driver installed easier.)

Thank you. I succeeded in getting graphics to work on my Gateway DX4720-03 by installing the proprietary nVidia driver, following the instructions at
and then
(specifically: yum install kmod-nvidia)

I used kmod-nvidia rather than akmod-nvidia.

RPM Fusion does not have the very latest nVidia driver (available at http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html), but the one they have seems to work for the nVidia GeForce 7100.

For the record, the Gateway DX4720-03 also needs the kernel option "noapic" in order to boot.

The next time I buy a PC I'll steer away from nVidia hardware because there does not seem to be any open-source driver for it. Hardware that requires a proprietary driver is invidious.

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