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AGP 4x Video Recommendation for FC10 w/ 1600x1080 LCDs

Hello All.

I've recently upgraded my FC8 to FC10 and I'm not exactly happy with
the video output from the old video card. Since I'm running other
boxes also as a "dual boot" XP/LTSP workstations, I decided that I'd
buy in volume and set up my various home workstations with identical

Does anyone have a recommendation for a known-good AGP 4x (FC10 on an
Asus TUV4X M/B) video adapter that will run LCD monitor resolutions?
I'm going to buy several of these for my workstations for ease of
compatibility with the LTSP install

(Semi-Unrelated Note: My XP boxes have NVidia cards (GEForce4 MX) that
don't reliably run 1600x1080 on my Optiquest monitors under XP. I can
get it working -- sometimes -- but every time XP installs any updates
the settings get blown away and I have to re-install drivers from
scratch. Very annoying, and I'm tired of it, thus I'm looking to
replace these video adapters too.)

I ran a large LTSP network some years ago at an old job and I've got a
soft spot for the ATI cards which served us so well, but if there's a
better option I'm perfectly open to that too. I'm not looking to spend
a big pile of cash, as these workstations are being used primarily for
web browsing and spreadsheets.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Adrian Kuepker
Motorcycle Roads Northwest

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