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Re: "Static" wireless interface and runlevel 3

Mike Cloaked wrote:
>> I do have NetworkManager starting my WPA wireless connection prior
>> to login on my laptop.
> I have been wanting to do that for ages - I still could not do it in
> F10 - please tell us the magic recipe?

I edited /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf and added keyfile
to the plugins setting:

$ cat /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf

Then I opened the NM connection editor (from my user account,
available by right-clicking on the NM applet and selecting "Edit
Connections" or by calling nm-connection from a terminal).  In the
connection editor, I selected the connection I wanted, clicked Edit,
and checked the "Available to all users" box at the bottom, and
clicked Apply.

This should prompt you to allow the action and then create a file in
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/.  I do recall having to futz
with this a little, perhaps creating that directory and looking in the
PolicyKit authorizations (System->Preferences->System->Authorizations
or polkit-gnome-authorization).

Of course, this was right after F10 was released and NM updates since
then may have obviated the need for any of that.  I mention it as
possible things to look at if you have problems.  Another option might
be to run nm-connection as root and adding your connections directly,
but I have not tried that.

Hopefully that helps.  I'm certainly not an expert on the NM stuff, so
if it doesn't, I may not be of much more use. :)

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