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Palm ... Again

Well, last night I finally made my lifedrive sync up with evo. Took me a
while, and I don't really remember everything I did (too much caffeine)
But it centered around getting the conduits :
evolution-conduits-2.24.3-1.fc10.i386.rpm.html) YEA!!!! 

Went to sleep happily dreaming of little one's and zero's lined up in a
row. Got up this morning, made some changes in Evo to plan my day, went
to sync up, and NOTHING!!!! From the time I synced last night, to the
time I got up this morning, nothing changed but a little data in Evo.
This is very frustrating. 

For a lack of anything else I could think of, I went to the Sync
settings in Evo and tried to add another pda. There is an option on that
dialog to get information from the PDA to configure. After the third (or
so) try, without touching anything in between, that dialog got
information from the LifeDrive. But it still won't sync. I'm stumped. I
really don't have enought experience with LINUX to even begin chasing
this down. 

I'll tell you, I'm really pleased with F10 this time around (I think the
last time I played w/ Fedora was 4...at least that's the book on my
bookcase) and this is much better. I AM going to stick with it. So...
can anyone suggest a plug and play (right now Anne... :)  ) PDA device?
I thought I could live without Desktop support for the PDA, but I'm
afraid I've gotten too used to it.


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