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Re: music download sites?

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Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 24 January 2009 17:02:40 Thomas Cameron wrote:
>> I've had long debates with some friends about downloading MP3s.  For me,
>> I wind up downloading MP3s for music I find interesting but not worth
>> buying the CD for.  So in my case, I can honestly say that the whole
>> RIAA argument about musicians having lost revenue are complete bullshit.
>>  If I find an artist I *really* like, I will go and buy the CD.  It's
>> worth 15 cents a track to check out an artist I'm not familiar with.  No
>> way would I plunk down $12-$15 for the same CD.
> Artists lose revenue through illegal file-sharing.

I would argue that.  I am 100% certainly *not* going to buy a CD from an
artist I don't know.  So in my case, file sharing is actually much
*more* likely to earn them a sale.  If I can listen to a CD for a very
low price (e.g. 15 cents/track at http://gomusic.ru or free via p2p) and
then I like it, I go buy it.  So the argument could be made that
file-sharing is actually a win for the artists in my case.

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