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Re: fedora 9 / 10 and flashplayer 9 /10

Craig White wrote:
On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 08:34 +0000, M A Young wrote:
On Sun, 25 Jan 2009, Craig White wrote:

rpm -ivh \

and then...

yum install flash-plugin libflashsupport
No, you do not want to install libflashsupport for Flash 10, and indeed it can cause problems if you do. Flash 9 audio support had problems with recent linux releases such as Fedora 9, which is why libflashsupport was shipped with Fedora 9, since Flash 9 was the current version at that point. These issues are resolved in Flash 10 so libflashsupport is no longer necessary, and as the libflashsupport package in Fedora 9 is based on Flash 9 code it can cause problems when used with Flash 10.
thanks for the clarification


I also send thanks for the additional information. Given all this, I am beginning to think I might just kick the machine up to fedora 10 and skip what appear to be problems in flash9 and fedora9's workarounds for it. I'd probably be doing the upgrade in the next couple months anyway ...


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