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Re: Internet connection in F10 via bluetooth-connected WM6 phone?

Mike Cloaked wrote:
I wonder if anyone is able to point me to information on how to use a laptop
running F10, that is away from usual wired or wifi connections, but where a
cellphone is available running WM6 that does have an internet connection
through the phone's isp, and is bluetooth capable?

I presume that bluetooth pairing is the first step - and then somehow the
phone's internet access should be connected to the laptop - possibly
NetworkManager can handle this?

I have never tried this but I would like to know the steps needed to get
this to work - as I am trying to help someone who has a need to be away from
usual internet access where the phone can run its own browser, and the
laptop could in principle communicate with it. Using the laptop would be a
lot more user friendly than using the phone - and of course the laptop is
running F10 with the Gnome desktop fully up to date.

Any pointers gratefully received.

I found a link that sorta describes this, but uses the USB instead of


Carrying a USB cable in the laptop bag shouldn't be a huge problem.
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