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compiling Apache 2 for WebDAV

Hi - I'm trying build WebDAV into version 2.2.9 of
Apache's HTTP server (the version shipped with Fedora 9)
on a CentOS server.

When I turn on all of the features we need, everything
works except for WebDAV.

If I move the HTTPD configuration file to Fedora 9 WebDAV

If I then try to build version 2.2.9 from Apache source the
same way I built it on the CentOS server on Fedora 9, I have
the exact same problem.

So it appears to be a problem with the manner in which
I'm configuring the server - despite the fact in configures
and builds without error.

My question is how can I find all the 'configure' options used
for building the Fedora 9 HTTPD server?

Also, is anyone using Tomcat as a WebDAV server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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