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Peculiar behaviour of sound recorder

I wonder if anyone else can confirm this observation...

I find that audio files recorded using Sound Recorder (in F10) are often
defective, with little bits of sound alternating with silence. The
pattern made by the gaps seems random. But sometimes things work as they
should. I have just worked out a "recipe" for getting things to work
every time (I hope!) but it seems more like black magic...
1) Set Sound Capture (in Sound Preferences) to Pulse Audio
2) Open the Pulse Audio volume control (Applications menu). If you
choose the tab for input you can see the volume control and a vu-meter,
which is useful, but there is no need to do anything provided the meter
registers an input.
3) Start recording.
4) Stop recording and playback - should sound ok.

Now repeat the above, but omitting step 2. Sound is crap.

Noel James Bridge <james xmas demon co uk>

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