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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On 12/21/2008 02:05 PM, Mail Lists wrote:
>    I am a long time KDE user - in part for similar reasons to Linus - it
> was configurable, flexible and let me set things up the way I wanted  -


>   (1)  Are the fedora KDE users moving back to gnome ? ... is KDE dead
> or alive ?

  Followup to let you know what I decided for myself - I have switched
from KDE to Gnome. I tried, but KDE4 is just not ready today.

  Switching was not without some discomfort and effort ... of note:

    - I've been unable to add items to my desktop menu(s)

    - Session save remains broken - still

    - gdm configuration is scattered and peculiar (combination of
/etc/gdm/ files, /etc/gconf, each users gconf, user gdm gconf) ... but
it does work

    - keyring management needs help - and getting gpg-agent and
ssh-agent to work sanely took some scripting which now works perfectly
for me.

    - overall I am content at this point.

   I know I am not the only person who has switched to Gnome. I will
revisit this in the coming months and perhaps KDE can recover to be the
functional, configurable, useful desktop it once was.


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