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Re: f10: fs errors; journal write error in flush_commit_list

g wrote:

from start of installation of f10, 4 months ago, to present, f10 has been
having a problem of staying operational, in that after being up for a short
time, it would bomb and have just now found problem.

last update update was last night and while at command line, system showed
error messages of what is happening.

these are not all of messages, but should be enough for finding problem.


REISERFS: abort (device sdb8): Journal write error in flush_commit_list
REISERFS: Aborting journal for filesystem on sdb8.
ext3_abort called.
EXT3-fs error (device sdb6): ext3_journal_start_sb: Detected aborted journal
Remounting filesystem read-only

Was there anything else logged? Reiserfs is reporting a write error while writing to the journal. Was a similar message logged by ext3 prior to the "ext3_abort called" message? Do you have any SCSI/SATA messages logged?

This looks like you may have problems with your storage but these messages aren't sufficient to tell what's going on.


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