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RE: F10 Cups / Samba / Vista

Craig White wrote:
> The point was of course to help the OP figure out why he couldn't 
> and it seemed likely that I had long ago 'uncommented' the raw 
> protection in my mime.convs and mime.types and some update at some 
> simply over wrote the mime.convs file and never bothered leaving a
> mime.convs.rpmnew file and I suspect that is what happened to the OP 
> why it worked previously in Fedora-9 but not now in Fedora-10.
> The samba link I provided gives a complete explanation including the
> alterations necessary to enable raw printing.
> Craig

As I said I had this working in F9 and I backed up the entire cups 
directory as well as /etc/samba before the upgrade.  Indeed both my 
mime.types and mime.convs files still have the appropriate lines 
uncommented and I've tried the same magic (as F9) for the smb.conf file 
with no luck.

It appears to me that this is some sort of problem between samba and 
cups on the server since I can connect to samba shares fine and I can 
*see* the printer when browsing from the vista box.

I personally would like to get this working, but the alternative that 
someone suggested about just making it a network printer and pointing to 
the http address for cups (bypassing samba) does work.  I'm just 
thinking that I might want to use this machine as a fileserver at some 
point and there's no need to use two points of entry if one works.

So....if anyone else has any ideas as to why this doesn't work, I'd 
still appreciate it, but if not, the "direct to cups" will do for now.


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